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HEXAPACK Packaging System is a technology of production of boards and separators for transportation  filled with a core based on the construction of „Honeycomb”, made of recycled paper.

Unique Solution

It was created to optimize the process of packaging and transportation of products. It is cheaper than currently available solutions on the market and allows you to make savings at the same time taking care of the environment and acting in accordance with the provisions for packaging made of wood and plastic.

Patented technology

It enables production without restrictions, such as the thickness of the product. It may vary from 10 to 500 mm. In place of 2 or 3 layers of separators or fillings, it is economical to use one, which is more properly adjusted to the size and shape of transported product.

Cost reduction

The big advantage in the production of sandwich paper boards and fillings is high performance materials. Virtually every type of recycled material can be used for strips or blocks. In addition, the most important advantage is the lower weight of the components obtained, which may have an impact on the cost of transport. Instead of heavy pallets, use light and ecological paper ones, which are equally strong.